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The author’s trademark story-telling sets the stage and illustrates concepts and principles. Seven chapters dedicated to the late Evangelist Vernon D. Duerksen: 1. Where are the Change Agents? 2. Change Agents’ Zeal & Passion 3. Evangelists: Just Church Planters? 4. The Evangelist’s Unique Role 5.The Evangelist’s Campaign 6. Pray for Evangelists 7. Appendix & Chart of New Testament Gifts. Contextual approach to understanding the gifts listed in Ephesians 4, Romans 12, and I Corinthians 12. Fully documented and indexed. An evangelistic bonus gift booklet, More than Chicken Scratch by Nathan Ching will be included while they last. Change Agents is currently available only in trade paperback, 120 pages. $12.99. Introductory pre-publication offer until October 31, 2019: $10 each + shipping, or $9 each for orders of two or more. (please contact us for the discount pricing and shipping).

Change Agents for God

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